Jesse Mulligan's perfect scrambled eggs

3 SPCA Blue Tick eggs per person
salt and pepper
small knob of butter

Heat a frying pan over a low heat (if you’re using gas, consider buying a simmer plate as the lowest setting may be slightly too hot).

Crack the eggs into a bowl, add a little salt and pepper and break the yolks up with a fork. You’re not trying to beat them, you just want them mixed up – about two thirds of the way to being a uniform colour throughout.

After a few minutes, when the pan has heated up all over, drop a knob of butter in. If you’ve got it right, hopefully it’ll melt slowly, not instantly liquefy and sizzle (and not sit there doing nothing, as if to mock you).

Pour the eggs into the pan and immediately start stirring with a wooden spoon. You’re trying to prevent any egg from sticking to the bottom, and over the course of the next ten minutes or so you will slowly lose this battle. When it’s lost, your eggs will be scrambled and ready to serve.

You are not permitted to leave the stove area. You must keep pushing at that egg the whole time. The longer it takes, the creamier your eggs will be – twenty minutes would be too long, but three minutes would be too short. Feel free to adjust the heat in either direction to help you achieve your goal of ten minute eggs.

Slowly, everything should be turning solid. When there’s no liquid left, your eggs are ready. Shake over a bit more salt at this point if you like. Serve on toast with some chopped parsley (curly or Italian), or even a drizzle of truffle oil if you’re feeling decadent. 


Jesse Mulligan has kindly donated this recipe to our SPCA Blue Tick Cookbook 'Made with Love’. All the royalties from this cookbook go to SPCA New Zealand. Buy your copy here.

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