Cookbook Made with Love

Made With Love - The Cage-Free Farming Cookbook

For home cooks who want to support better animal welfare on farms, Made With Love is a must-have cookbook bursting with delicious recipes.

Sports stars, politicians, TV and radio personalities and several high-profile chefs, all contributed to support the SPCA Blue Tick® accreditation.

We want to know how our meat and eggs have been produced. Run by SPCA New Zealand, the SPCA Blue Tick®accreditation takes the guesswork out of choosing which meat and egg products you buy. When you see the SPCA Blue Tick® on packaging, you can have the assurance that the farming product have been farmed to SPCA's high animal welfare standards.

Peter Jackson, Dan Carter, Ray McVinnie, John Key and many others have gladly donated their favourite recipes to this book. The simple, delicious food is made with SPCA Blue Tick® approved eggs, pork, chicken, turkey or salmon and all the royalties from Made With Love go to SPCA New Zealand.

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