News: 18 November 2015

SPCA Blue Tick – Food to feel good about

‘Free range’ is good right? The animals get to roam free rather than being cooped up in cages. Maybe, but…

Consumers with an interest in humanely farmed meat and eggs run the risk of being misled by the term, which doesn’t necessarily mean any consideration has been given to animal welfare overall.

SPCA Blue Tick Business Unit Manager Ségolène de Fontenay says free range is only a style of farming.

“When you see ‘free range’ it is important to question by what measure the product has been certified as ‘free range’. The term has no guarantee of good animal welfare without independent auditing and a third party trusted certification mark,” she says.

The SPCA Blue Tick is the only 100 per cent independent accreditation scheme for animal welfare, applied to New Zealand produced eggs and meat products.

This is why the SPCA Blue Tick has made it a priority to educate consumers.

“As with much charity work, we have very small marketing budgets but we get a lot of help from industry experts who believe in and support what we do. They help us make a little go a long way, and we are ever grateful for that.

“We hope this new campaign will keep the momentum strong, encouraging more consumers to support the cause by purchasing SPCA Blue Tick approved products.

The Campaign
“We produced a few short videos to draw attention to conscious consumer behaviour. Kiwis can feel even better about those baking, BBQ and brunch occasions they already love, because they are standing up for high animal welfare and also supporting New Zealand farmers,” she says.

“We went through a strategic and creative process looking at all different angles to promote the SPCA Blue Tick. It is a positive force and we wanted a positive, feel good idea to promote it.

“We didn't want to focus on any negatives around poor animal welfare in parts of the industry that don't comply with our high standards, it’s not our way,” she says.
“Our audience is in the digital world and with a lower, charity-based budget it means a highly targeted strategy was essential.

“Within the next couple of months the videos will be appear on social media platforms, inviting New Zealanders to share the ‘Feel Good’ with their friends and family.

“We are targeting the household shopper through display advertising across contextual websites - particularly lifestyle, food & drink and shopping websites.

“We are also driving interested audiences to our brand new website to check out more ‘Feel Good’ facts, information about our work and all the accredited products they can buy,” concludes de Fontenay.


Media release was published on M+AD! NZ Media & Advertising News Daily, 18 November 2015.


Ségolène de Fontenay
SPCA Blue Tick Business Unit Manager

Leandri Smith
PR Republic

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