News: 24 September 2015

Ethical farming grabs the ear of retail

Growing consumer demand for humanely farmed animal products and evolving Animal Welfare Codes has the attention of the nation’s retailers.

That much was evident at the recent Countdown Trade Show, where SPCA Blue Tick Business Unit Manager Ségolène de Fontenay explained the objectives and strategy of the SPCA Blue Tick accreditation scheme.
The SPCA Blue Tick is an audited accreditation scheme offering consumers a guarantee that they can feel good about the products they choose.

“Our goal is to improve farm animal welfare in a commercially sustainable way, and we want retailers to keep coming on that journey with us. By understanding the purpose of the SPCA Blue Tick and why approved products have a positive impact, not only on animal welfare, but also on the economy, retailers can meet the growing demand for humanely / ethically farmed products,” she says.

De Fontenay motivated managers to continue leading the way with responsible local sourcing of ethically and humanely farmed products. She assured them that traceability and a transparent supply chain underpins consumer trust.

“Consumer behavior is changing. People want to know where their food comes from, how it was produced but also pay a reasonable price for it,” she says.

Noting that retailers play a key role in the journey from farm to plate, she explains that the SPCA Blue Tick can't do it on its own asking Countdown to help with placement, promotion and price for products carrying the certification logo, driving awareness while keeping produce affordable.

“By purchasing these products, consumers support Kiwi farmers who provide their animals with a better quality of life. By voting with their wallets they reward farmers for farming the 'right way',” says de Fontenay.


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SPCA Blue Tick Business Unit Manager

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