News: 5 December 2016

SPCA Blue Tick® Digital Campaign - 'The Chef'

Renowned Chef and SPCA Blue Tick® ambassador Ray McVinnie is so passionate about high animal welfare, he’s hosting a ‘progressive dining’ experience kindly provided by the Depot, Grill and Sugar Club for four lucky Kiwis taking the SPCA Blue Tick® pledge. 

Ray is joining forces with the SPCA Blue Tick® to raise awareness of high animal welfare during the charity’s second ‘feel good about high animal welfare’ digital campaign.

Viewing one of three short videos released on a weekly basis explaining the purpose and mission of the SPCA Blue Tick®, with an emphasis on how high animal welfare certified farming methods improve the welfare of animals and the quality of food, is recommended before taking the SPCA Blue Tick® pledge.

“While it is important to help people, I feel it is just as important to help animals”, says Ray McVinnie.

“The SPCA Blue Tick® is a trusted accreditation that has the priority of high animal welfare at its core.

“Research shows that animal stress is a key factor that negatively affects the quality of the meat, so animals raised to high animal welfare standards result in better quality meat. 

“As a chef, I’m passionate about working with good quality ingredients and showing Kiwis that creating real food is simple, using quality ingredients that are easily accessible to all,” he says.

SPCA Blue Tick®, run by the SPCA, certifies eggs, chicken, pork and turkey products that have been farmed to its stringent high animal welfare standards. It is the only animal welfare accreditation in New Zealand independent from the food and farming industries

“More than 95 per cent of Kiwis eat meat and eggs, but that doesn’t mean we should exploit animals. By committing to go for SPCA Blue Tick® approved products, you know how your products have been farmed and also where your food is coming from,” says McVinnie. To thank participants for their commitment, the SPCA Blue Tick® will also provide discount vouchers for their next shopping trip.

Consumers have the assurance that SPCA Blue Tick® approved products live up to its claims because the farms are audited annually and unannounced throughout the year against stringent and enforceable standards set out by Dr Arnja Dale, SPCA Chief Scientific Officer with the input of various other animal welfare experts after consultation with the farmers.

The campaign is designed to help us spread the word so we can improve the lives of all farm animals, says Ségolène de Fontenay, Business Unit Manager of the SPCA Blue Tick®.

We’ve made it really easy to take the pledge, get involved and add your voice to Ray’s and other conscious consumers who take an interest in how their food is produced. The more people who get behind the SPCA Blue Tick®, the better the outcome for animal welfare across the country.”

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