News: 21 November 2016

Feel good about high animal welfare digital campaign launches

Feel good about high animal welfare by pledging to 'go SPCA Blue Tick®'.

Ever wondered where your meat and eggs come from? A farm surely, but have you thought about what kind of farm, where that farm is, and how the animals are treated?

This is exactly why the SPCA Blue Tick® is launching its second ‘Feel good about high animal welfare’ awareness digital campaign; to educate consumers and to encourage them to choose high animal welfare produced products by pledging to ‘go SPCA Blue Tick®’.

The digital campaign launched on 21 November, when the first educative video is released on social and digital media channels. It forms a three part video series, highlighting the importance of SPCA Blue Tick® and various points of high farm animal welfare, told by ‘the farmer and the scientist’, ‘the nutritionist’ and ‘the chef’.

Consumers are invited to watch the videos and pledge to ‘go SPCA Blue Tick®’. To thank participants for their commitment, the SPCA Blue Tick will provide discount vouchers for SPCA Blue Tick® approved products.

Consumers who pledge will also go into the draw to win ‘a money can’t buy’ dining experience. A progressive dinner for the winner and three friends, hosted by SPCA Blue Tick® goodwill ambassador Ray McVinnie, at three of Auckland’s top restaurants (kindly provided by the Depot, Grill and Sugar Club).

SPCA Blue Tick®, run by the SPCA, is the only animal welfare accreditation independent from the food and farming industries in New Zealand. It certifies eggs, chicken, pork and turkey products that have been farmed to its stringent high animal welfare standards.

The SPCA Blue Tick® ‘Feel good about high animal welfare’ campaign is designed to help educate consumers about high animal welfare, encouraging them to pledge to ‘go SPCA Blue Tick®’ so that together Kiwis can improve the lives of all farmed animals across New Zealand, says Ségolène de Fontenay, Business Unit Manager of the SPCA Blue Tick®.

We’ve made it really easy to take the pledge by going on our microsite get involved and add your voice as a mindful consumer who takes an interest in how food is produced, says Ségolène de Fontenay, Business Unit Manager of the SPCA Blue Tick®.

“The more people who get behind the SPCA Blue Tick® accreditation, the better the outcome for animal welfare across the country.”

Educational videos

The first video ‘the farmer and the scientist’, launching 21 November, involves Dr Arnja Dale, SPCA chief scientific officer and Dave, a proud SPCA Blue Tick® approved farmer, showing consumers why it is important to support farmers who ‘farm the right way’ by meeting SPCA Blue Tick® high animal welfare standards.

The second video ‘the nutritionist’, launching 28 November, enlists SPCA Blue Tick® goodwill ambassador Claire Turnbull, encouraging consumers to support high animal welfare by choosing to do the right thing, and feeling good about the decision. As a mother, she believes in feeding her family quality food, and explains why products from animals raised to high animal welfare standards that are well looked after produce better quality meat and eggs.

The third video ‘the chef’, launching 5 December, features another SPCA Blue Tick® goodwill ambassador, established chef Ray McVinnie. Ray voices his passion for not only helping people, but also helping animals. He also reiterates Claire’s message about quality on top of provenance, knowing where your food comes from.

So pledge to ‘go SPCA Blue Tick® today, feel good about it and be in to win

To pledge your support for high animal welfare the SPCA Blue Tick® way, visit and follow the instructions.



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