'Go SPCA Blue Tick®'


As a mindful consumer, make this year the year that you 'go SPCA Blue Tick®' across our entire approved products range... because you will feel good about it! (Psst and we'll also send you a little something to say thank you, scroll down to see more).

By 'going SPCA Blue Tick®' we know you will endeavour to buy SPCA Blue Tick® approved eggs and chicken products when doing your shopping and/or when dining out.

Easy shopping! Simply look for the SPCA Blue Tick® certification logo on the packaging (or ask for it!). And don't get fooled, unless you see the SPCA Blue Tick® certification logo on the packaging, there is no assurance that the products you buy have been farmed to our SPCA standards (click here for more).

Not too familiar with the SPCA Blue Tick®, find out what these guys have in common and why they feel good about high animal welfare.

From 'the farmer and the scientist'

Check out more from 'the nutritionist'!

Lastly here's a little bit more from 'the chef' 

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