The Joining Process

Joining the Accreditation 

We are always pleased to hear from producers who want to do their bit to improve animal welfare.

All producers who wish to be a part of our SPCA Blue Tick® Accreditation Scheme must adhere to our strict high animal welfare standards to ensure that their animals are treated in a cruelty-free manner. SPCA Blue Tick® approval can only be granted after an independent audit has been successfully conducted by a third party auditor contracted to the SPCA and extensively trained to our standards. Following this, the SPCA Blue Tick® will issue a 'Certificate of Approval' for the farm or the site that has successfully passed the audit.

Enquiries for SPCA Blue Tick® Accreditation are invited from the existing SPCA Blue Tick® product categories.


The joining process is as follows:

  1. Please contact us to discuss with the SPCA Blue Tick® Business Unit Manager the suitability of joining the SPCA Blue Tick® Accreditation Scheme.

  2. After our initial discussion, AsureQuality, our third party audit supplier, will email you an information pack.

  3. If you believe you can meet our SPCA Blue Tick® Standards, you will need to complete the Applicant Form for Category Specific Initial Audit.

  4. The initial audit is then arranged, carried out and invoiced by AsureQuality.

  5. Once you have passed the SPCA Blue Tick® initial audit, a legal License Agreement is drafted by the SPCA Blue Tick® Business Unit Manager for you to sign. Upon signature of the agreement, you will officially become an SPCA Blue Tick® Member.

  6. Upon joining the scheme you will be given permission to use the SPCA Blue Tick® certification logo on your accredited product (terms and conditions are included in the contract).

  7. Monthly royalties payment will then occur based on your Gross Sales figures.

  8. Annual audits as well as announced audits will be carried out throughout the year by AsureQuality, our third party audit supplier. 


If you have a question about the SPCA Blue Tick® Accreditation Scheme, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information using our contact form or via email

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