SPCA Blue Tick® Standards



Our SPCA Blue Tick® standards cover an animal's needs, not just the bare minimum. They also incorporate current legislation, codes of practice, scientific research, veterinary advice, and practical farm experience.


Additionally, the SPCA Blue Tick® standards also account for responsible animal management, skilled stockmanship, environmental design, considerate handling, transport and much more.

The SPCA Blue Tick® standards can only be met after confirmation by an Royal New Zealand SPCA employee or a third party auditor contracted by Royal New Zealand SPCA who has been trained to our SPCA Blue Tick® standards. Following this, the SPCA Blue Tick® will issue a 'Certificate of Approval' for the farm or the site that has successfully passed the audit.


Click on the images below to download a PDF copy of the relevant SPCA Blue Tick® standards.


Layer Hen Standards

Free Range and Barn

Royal New Zealand SPCA

Animal Welfare Policy

Chicken Standards

Free Range

Pork Standards

Free Range and Free Farmed

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If you have a question about the SPCA Blue Tick® accreditation, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information. Have a look at some of our more frequently asked questions to see if your query has already been answered.

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