We’re helping you with responsible local sourcing of high animal welfare farmed products

The SPCA Blue Tick® accreditation provides assurance for retailers that the products they stock have been produced, processed, prepared and handled according to our high animal welfare standards, at all levels of the supply chain. SPCA Blue Tick® 'Certification of Approval' is being issued so that businesses (and SPCA Blue Tick® producers) can be certain that high animal welfare standards are being maintained.

As a retailer you can feel good about the SPCA Blue Tick® because:

  • SPCA Blue Tick® is supporting the food industry by helping build greater value into products
  • We help you with responsible local sourcing of high animal welfare farmed products at affordable premiums
  • We are a positive force for good – we will always take a positive stance to support the industry and help build it up, rather than taking a negative and attacking stance against those that don’t yet meet our high standards of animal welfare
  • We’re ensuring we deliver tailored ideas to specific supermarket brands, to ensure it fits with your positioning and customer
  • We’re finding ways to add to the in-store experience and help customers to be aware of the SPCA Blue Tick® (and pay more for the products)

To download a copy of our SPCA Blue Tick® standards, please click hereSPCA Blue Tick® approval can only be granted after an independent audit has been successfully conducted by a third party auditor contracted to the SPCA and extensively trained to our standards. Following this, the SPCA Blue Tick® will issue a 'Certificate of Approval' for the farm or the site that has successfully passed the audit.

If you have a question about the SPCA Blue Tick® accreditation, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information using our contact form or via email

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