Our Goodwill Ambassadors

SPCA Blue Tick® would like to thank and acknowledge our Goodwill Ambassadors who donate their time, energy and influence without payment (i.e goodwill) to help bring further awareness to SPCA Blue Tick® accreditation scheme. We value and appreciate their assistance immensely, helping us to take consumers, farmers and producers on a journey to improve farm animal welfare in New Zealand.

Our SPCA Blue Tick® Goodwill Ambassadors are: 

              Ray McVinnie

Ray is a professional chef, experienced food judge, award winning food writer, food stylist and former AUT lecturer. He is passionate about good food and pays particular attention to the quality of the ingredients he cooks with, letting the quality ingredients speak for themselves in a simple and unpretentious way.

At the heart of Ray’s passion is to get people eating real food and showing that cooking is easy, fun and can be really satisfying. He achieves this not only through his cooking appearances, but also through his writing where he is currently a consulting food director for Bite.

In his role of SPCA Blue Tick® ambassador, Ray will help educate consumers and the wider food industry on high animal welfare standards, and encourage industry players to support the positive work of the SPCA Blue Tick® scheme.

              Claire Turnbull

Claire is a qualified nutritionist and fitness trainer whose passion is to help others look and feel their very best! She has a practical, inspiring and realistic approach to health and wellbeing and is all about enjoying life to the full. 

Claire balancing the busy life of being a mum with a 2-year-old, with running a nutrition practice and workplace wellness business called Mission Nutrition, she is the Nutritionist for Healthy Food Guide Magazine and also has shows on TV Breakfast, Kiwi Living, Newstalk ZB and Radio live.

Claire is also professional speaker and has published two best sellers with penguin random house: Lose Weight for Life and Feel Good for Life. She has also recently released a wellness diary called ‘It’s a beautiful day’.

In her role of SPCA Blue Tick® Ambassador, Claire will help increase awareness of what the SPCA Blue Tick® stands for and encourage people to choose products that are produced under high animal welfare approved conditions.  

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